Our Story

How "Still Posy" Came About.

A wise boss once told me,

“If you know why you are doing the work you are doing then nothing about the work will be meaningless, and you will be fuelled to keep going.” 

When I was at the post office inquiring about how much the shipping would be to mail my frame, the clerk working there asked me if she could see it. It wasn’t wrapped to be shipped, in fact, it was only covered by a thin muslin blanket. Wrapped- as if it were my baby.  I hadn’t planned on shipping it, I just wanted to know how much it would cost if I were to ship it. If I were to create this business. If my business was to take off, and if I were to ship my frames across Canada. Curious, peering down at the frame she exclaimed, “wow, it’s beautiful. May I ask where you got the idea? To preserve wedding flowers this way. I have never heard of it before.” “I hadn’t either!” I exclaimed. I then shared with her how the idea to press and frame wedding bouquets came to me. Literally came to me. This is that story...

I hated the job I was working at. I prayed to God every day, “Give me something more. Give me something else.” I would sit in my car waiting for my engine to warm up dreading the day ahead. Resting restlessly with my head over my steering wheel praying as my motor muffled below me. “Please God. Help me get through this day. And then give me something else.” I would also question him, “Is this really it for me? Is this all you have for me?” We wrestled together like that for a long, long time. Until one night as I laid in bed questioning him some more it came to me. I saw it clearly, a vision of flowers pressed between glass. I had seen it earlier that year as I walked the downtown streets. Hanging in an office building window I saw pressed flowers that were framed. I’d never seen anything like that before. Then as I laid in bed I knew I wanted to press and frame flowers, and I thought, “but how can I make it meaningful?” The idea to press a wedding bouquet came to me that night as well. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I knew then that I was given a different path to take, and I thanked God. He set me free from my mundane job. I began by taking a stain glass class to learn how to cut my own glass for the frame. I practised pressing flowers. My husband made me 14 wood flower presses. “I’m going to be busy!” I told him. I was confident. I started selling my handmade frames that held pressed flowers and I did well. It wasn’t until I pressed my first wedding bouquet that I realized how close this work is to my own heart. To press wedding bouquets.

My husband and I got married when we were 19. When people said we were too young. When people said we’d grow apart as we aged. When people didn’t believe in us, but we believed in us. Now 10 years later we’ve learned what it is to love one another and to serve one another endlessly. I want to give people a visual reminder of their wedding day not only so they can remember how special, romantic, and thoroughly exhaustingly joyful it was but also so they can remember their commitment to one another, why they first fell in love and how they can continue to love one another. Through the doubters, the stressful offspring, the unforeseeable challenges that life will bring. I want them to remember how it was on their wedding day, or the months or years prior when their love and excitement for one another triumphed it all, and took center stage.

I believe in love and I believe in marriage. That is the driving force behind my work. But I also believe that people like to hear stories. We want to help you tell your story. Your love story, delicately preserved, as artwork floating effortlessly on your wall.

THIS is Still Posy.


My love and I on our wedding day 10 years ago... I mean, just look at that face!